Registration Under Employee State Insurance

Sl. No Areas Provisions
1 Applicability of ESI in Karnataka Under Section 2(12) the Act is applicable to factories employing 10 or more persons. Under Section 1(5) of the Act, the Scheme has been extended to shops, hotels, restaurants, cinemas including preview theatres, road-motor transport undertakings, newspaper establishments, Private Medical and Educational Institutions employing 10 or more persons (in Karnataka).
2 Areas covered Under ESIC Scheme The ESI Scheme has covered the entire Karnataka State.
3 Wage limit for coverage The existing wage limit for coverage under the Act is Rs. 21,000/- per month and for disabled persons it is Rs. 25,000/- per month (w.e.f. 01/01/2017 ).
4 ESI Contribution Rates

1. Employees' contribution ------------->0.75% of the wages.

2. Employers' contribution ------------->3.25% of the wages

3. Total Contribution {3= (1+2)} -------->4.00% of the wages

5 Manner of Contribution E.S.I. Scheme being contributory in nature, all the employees in the factories or establishments to which the Act applies shall be insured in a manner provided by the Act. The contribution payable to the Corporation in respect of an employee shall comprise of employer's contribution and employee's contribution at a specified rate. The rates are revised from time to time. Currently, the employee's contribution rate (w.e.f. 1.07.2019) is 0.75% of the wages and that of employer's is 3.25% of the wages paid/payable in respect of the employees in every wage period. Employees in receipt of a daily average wage upto Rs.100/- are exempted from payment of contribution. Employers will however contribute their own share in respect of these employees
6 Collection of Contribution An employer is liable to pay his contribution in respect of every employee and deduct employee's contribution from wages bill and shall pay these contributions at the above specified rates to the Corporation within 15 days of the last day of the Calendar month in which the contributions fall due. Payment can be made Online.



We also offer other sorts of registration services as below:

  1. List of Directors/ Partners and Address
  2. MoA, AoA, CoI (If It A Company)
  3. Shops and Establishment Act -Registration Certificate
  4. Pan Card Copy - Company's / Firm's/Entities
  5. Pan Card Copy, Aadhaar Card Copy and Photo of - All Directors/ Partners/ Proprietor
  6. Rental Agreement and office electricity Bill for the Establishment
  7. Salary register from day when number of employees crossed 10 or more
  8. Esi Applicable Member Details (As Per Anx 2)
  9. Bank Statement (Recent Month) and Cancelled Cheque
  10. Contact Details E-Mail & Phone Number
  11. Date of Coverage in (DD/MM/YYYY) format -i.e. Date from when ESI becomes applicable to your establishment
  12. ESI Nomination - Information of employees in case of salary below 21000
  13. Number of existing Employees in the format below; ---

      a)Number of Male Employees: _______

      b)Number of Female Employees: _______

  14. Number of Employees to whom ESI is applicable in the format below; ---

      a)Number of Male Employees: _______

      b)Number of Female Employees: _______

  15. Digital Signature of the Authorized signatory of the entity
  16. Attachment Pertaining of ESI


      b) OR "ESICEmployessWithIP"

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